My Assunta

My Assunta

Assunta Hospital, a landmark of Petaling Jaya turns 60 this 2014! The last six decades has been a journey of persistence, resilience, determination …and sheer faith. Read the stories of people who have crossed our path.


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My Wellness

Health is wealth! Being aware of the changes in your body will help in early detection, treatment and cure, while knowing your risk factors helps you practise preventive health measures to stay healthy and happier longer.


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My Consultants

All our consultants at Assunta Hospital are experienced and trained professionals each specialising in various specialities and sub-specialities that will help you achieve a state of good health.


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As a social enterprise, Assunta Hospital has established a culture and legacy of community service since 1961. Starting off with mobile clinics to the underprivileged, it grew into other forms of outreach programmes.


Medical Specialties

Our Medical Specialties

If you find medical terms confusing, you are not alone. In order to help you find what you need faster and more efficiently, we have simplified our medical specialties into body regions for better identify which specialist to see:

Total Body

Head and Neck Region

Trunk or Torso Region

Male Torso RegionSpecialist under the category of the trunk or torso region are: (Click to view our specialists)

Lower Limb Region

Male Lower Limb RegionSpecialist under the category of the lower limb region are: (Click to view our specialists)




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