Clinical Services

Assunta Hospital has evolved above and beyond its legacy of a humble birthing centre to extend its healthcare services to every member of the family. As a tertiary healthcare provider, the hospital now offers a wide range of medical and clinical support services.


Clinical Support ServicesScreening & Diagnostic Services



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The diagnostic laboratory plays an increasingly crucial role in assisting doctors in patient management. Our laboratory is committed to accuracy and efficiency in providing test results.

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Foot and Wound Treatment

Assunta Hospital consults and treats all levels and types of wounds, including radiation tissue damage, trauma wounds, fistulas, skin irritations, ostomies, diabetic foot ulcers, arterial venous and pressure ulcers.

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Assunta Hospital has a fully equipped physiotherapy centre. Our indoor hydrotherapy pool allows the physically disabled and patients suffering from joint and muscle problems to experience the therapeutic power of water.

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Mother and Baby

Assunta Hospital started off as a maternity centre, and continues to share our experience and expertise. We do so by providing the best possible ante and postnatal care to ensure that mother and baby are well and safe from the time of conception to delivery.

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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Our surgeons use minimally invasive techniques to repair and replace joints; examine, dissect or remove diseased and damaged organs; and even repair and transplant delicate arteries.

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Kidney Centre

The Kidney Dialysis Centre offers safe and quality kidney dialysis equipment, experienced staff and a pleasant, soothing environment.

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Heart Centre

Our Heart Centre brings you the best heart-related medical solutions via quality imaging tests and diagnostic tools.

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Imaging services

The Radiology Department is equipped with sophisticated imaging technologies that provide diagnostic examinations. These include Bone Mineral Densitometry, Ultrasound, 64 – Slice CT Scanner and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners.

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Family Wellness


Wellness Centre

We believe a healthy mind and body are essential for healthy living, and that prevention is always better than cure. Our wellness centre allows patients to manage their health through regular and personalised health screenings.

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